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l love to share my passion for Pilates and its ability to transform bodies of all ages, types and conditions. I was formally trained and completed the Ron Fletcher ™ Program of study in 2004.


The Fletcher program is a comprehensive

program that requires over 1000 hours and year and a half commitment.

I am also certified through the National Pilates Certification, which was established to maintain and promote professional standards to the comprehensively educated Pilates Teacher who has provided evidence that they meet the established professional standards.

My Boutique Studio at Pilates by Mona is intimate and offers Private and Group classes, where you will learn Reformer, Tower, Chair, Ped-a-Pul, and the Bodhi Suspension system.

I am a strong advocate for living an active and healthy lifestyle. That includes healthy food choices. I am committed to offering my clients education workshops and nutrition supplement options at my studio. I provide clients guidance and mentorship in the areas of fitness, nutrition and immunity.

in-studio equipment

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The Reformer
Bodhi Suspension System
Combo Chair
The Tower
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